Frequently Asked Questions

EnderModel1How long has endermologie® been around?

Endermologie® has already swept most of Europe off its feet, or perhaps more appropriately its hips, thighs and tummy, since 1985. From coast to coast, endermologie® is now sweeping the U.S., after being introduced here in 1995.

How soon will I see results?

Usually patients see changes within 7 or 8 sessions, but 14 is the average number of treatments recommended for maximum results.

How long does each session last?

Sessions last an average of 45 minutes. The main focus is placed on your problem areas, but time is given to other areas to stimulate microcirculation and fatty acid EnderOrangeelimination.

Will endermologie® help improve my skin tone?

Improvement in skin tone is often noted after using the ES1 machine. The appearance of stretch marks and loose skin are also frequently improved.

Is this only for women, or does it work on men also?

It most definitely works on men. The problem areas reported by most men are the infamous “love handles”. Endermologie® works marvelous on these “love handles” as well as other problemsome areas.

Why are pictures taken before, during and after the treatment program?

Photos are taken to help provide an accurate record of improvement. These pictures also help aid the practitioner by providing them with a comparative analysis so they can make improvements on future endermologie® treatments.

What hapEnderSlideExamplepens to these pictures?

Your pictures are placed away from your patient file and are numbered. They are kept confidential. To ensure your privacy – photos never contain your name or your face. If you wish, you may sign a release to use your photos for educational and promotional purposes.

Is endermologie® painful?

No. It feels similar to a deep relaxing therapeutic massage. Most patients look forward to their treatment.

Do endermologie® treatments replace diet and exercise?

No. If you are currently exercising and eating healthy, this will not replace you current healthy lifestyle. It is not required to start exercising and eating healthy in order to see results, but it will allow you to achieve better results.

What is required of me to achieve noticeable results?

The most important change you must make, if you are not already doing it, is to drink between 100 and 120 ounces of cold water every day. This will allow you to see faster, longer lasting results. EnderModel2Most people also try to walk a half hour each day to help further improve their circulation and aid in the movement of fatty deposits.

I still have Cellulite after having liposuction, how long do I have to wait before I can have endermologie®; performed on me?

Cellulite, or the cottage-cheese like appearance of the skin is a problem that was not solved with the evolution of modern liposuction. Check with your practitioner to see if enough time has elapsed to receive an endermologie®; treatment.